Samsung galaxy note phablet will be the next generation super sized device..

We're not expecting a major overhaul of the original, given that it worked surprisingly well. Big really is beautiful. So what ARE we expecting? Fear not, we have assembled all the latest rumours below.

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Release Date

Checking back to around this time last year, Samsung announced the original Galaxy Note at IFA in Berlin. A similar time this year is on the cards, with GSM Arena reporting that Samsung will be holding one of its Unpacked events, a day earlier than IFA 2012, August 30.
This is a month earlier than some reports, but with Apple announcing the 6th iteration of the iPhone, the foretold iPhone 5, in October, it's an unsurprising move.
Update: it's looks nailed on that we'll be seeing the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 launched on August 15, with sources confirming there will be a worldwide event to see the new phablet flagship.
We'd also suggest that Samsung will (hopefully) have the Galaxy Note 2 in shops as quickly as possible, especially as it managed to get the Samsung Galaxy S3 on sale within a month.

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Name

We could put forward a list of potential name suggestions, but given Samsung's naming history, we would suggest that Samsung Galaxy Note 2 (or is that Note II) is the most likely. We wouldn't be entirely surprised should we end up with the Samsung Galaxy Note S, though.
However Samsung might well have given the game away here, with a tweet seeming to confirm the Galaxy Note 2 name.
Samsung might even choose to call its next Note device, the Samsung Galaxy Note 5.5, putting it more in line with its tablet devices, such as theSamsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 or Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1.
Even more unlikely, but still plausible, is the decision to break away and call the next device by a totally different name. As much as we highly doubt things, we'd be remiss if we didn't at least mention the words Rush, Amp and Helm.
Update: Leaked benchmark test results have revealed the potential model for the Galaxy Note 2 could be GT-N7100 - which would make sense as the original Note was GT-N7000.

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Price